Network for Plastic Monitoring in Waters

Plastic Monitoring in Waters

Logo Plastic Monitoring in WatersWelcome on the website of the R&D Network “Plastic Monitoring in Waters – PlaMoWa”!

The open sea, littoral and inland waters are all polluted with plastic pieces of different sizes. The extent and the resulting consequences for man and nature are not yet foreseeable. Increasing concern is caused not only by the particles themselves, but also by their tendency to adsorb and resorb organic pollutants, which eventually enter the food chain. Public authorities and industries are therefore more and more in charge to advance the monitoring of natural and artificial waters.

Leading research institutions and companies have joined forces in October 2014, creating a holistic network to develop methods and services for the quick analysis of the plastic pollution in waters. Based on reliable and affordable equipment and efficient standardized monitoring procedures, authorities can define and supervise statuatory limits.