Network for Plastic Monitoring in Waters

LADR – Der Laborverbund

Logo LADR - Der LaborverbundWe provide management and medical services in private and hospital laboratories since 1945. The LADR network is composed of regional laboratories all over Germany. Approximately 2,000 employees work in our 15 reference laboratories, 34 basic and routine laboratories, and 13 hospital laboratories. We serve more than 20,000 private physicians and more than 200 hospitals.

We perform more than 2,000 different diagnostic tests in anatomical pathology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, cytology, drug-monitoring, endocrinology, environmental medicine, food testing, hematology, human genetics, hygiene, immunology, infectious disease serology, microbiology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, oncology, paternity testing, toxicology, veterinary medicine, and (waste) water-/soil testing.

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