Netzwerk für Plastik-Monitoring in Gewässern

Alnarp Cleanwater

Logo alnarpAlnarp Cleanwater was founded with the aim to develop and commercialize a functioning system based on nature’s own way of treating wastewater.

For the global market, to develop, market and maintain decentralised wastewater treatment systems based on a unique implementation of nature’s own way of taking care of sewage.

Through recycling-based technology, Alnarp wants to be a leading force in improving the status of the world’s water resources and at the same time contribute to an increased biodiversity.

Core values
As a company Alnarp believes that it is important to be supported by some basic values. The core values that characterise the company and products, systems and services are:

  • Natural – It is important to act in harmony with nature. To work with natural solutions increases the likelihood that the solutions will be sustainable.
  • Sustainable – Everything we do must be sustainable. We humans often “solve” our problems in a way that creates new problems. And so we try to solve this new problem, etc. We must focus on the causes of the problems as far as possible, rather than treating the symptoms. This is the only way to achieve the right conditions for long-term sustainability in harmony with the natural ecosystems.
  • Transparent – We want to be open and clear about what we do and what we stand for. It should be easy to be both a customer and a supplier to ACT and we want to avoid the emergence of any negative surprises.

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