Netzwerk für Plastik-Monitoring in Gewässern


Logo planbluePlanBlue GmbH is reimagining underwater monitoring with the ‘DiveRay’: a new technology that can map the health of seafloors and the integrity of underwater structures in a way that is faster and more cost-efficient than ever before. The DiveRay is a powerful underwater camera which can automatically scan and map the seafloor, as well as manmade underwater constructions. Using hyperspectral imaging in combination with machine-learning algorithms, the DiveRay can be trained to identify and map the degradation of underwater constructions (e.g., corrosion of offshore windpark pillars), invasive algae, plastic waste pollution, algal growth for biofuels etc. As such, the DiveRay can be used for long-time monitoring of seafloors, to conduct environmental impact analyses and to inspect underwater constructions with high precision and at low cost.

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