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RSS – Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH

Logo RSS GmbHMore than 15 years of expertise has made us one of the leading value-adding companies for earth observation, working to innovate new technology, encourage the spread of information and deliver reliable results for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our team actively contributes to state-of-the-art research, advancing a variety of fields from UAV-acquired LiDAR to automatic processing chains for upcoming satellites. We invest in progress and incorporate the newest technologies to achieve the best standards possible, meet the highest customer expectations and adapt to current demand.

With over 15 years of experience, countless successful projects and unwavering leadership, Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH (RSS) has become one of the leading value-adding companies for earth observation in Germany. Our zealous team of experts is comprised mainly of individuals with Ph.D standing, priding itself on its extensive practical and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Collaboration and capacity building forge a bolstering network of connections and reliable business partners. Connectivity unlocks fresh insight, keeps us informed, and ultimately benefits everyone involved. That’s why you’ll find us expanding our networks at local fairs and international conferences, or working alongside communities in the field.

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